Founder of iCanNaturally, Sharlene Rolstoni can naturally skincare inc. was founded in 2015 with a view to formulating, manufacturing and providing an exceptional, high quality, hemp based skin care line.  

Inspired by one incredible lotion I was invited to try, my journey into learning about and becoming involved in the natural skin care business, specifically hemp oil based skin care, began.

I was so impressed with the results my skin was experiencing from just one lotion that I set about exploring the possibility of forming a skin care company with an entire line so that I could share with the world what I had found.

Initially I toyed with the idea of private labelling existing Hemp and CBD lines I had discovered in Europe. I tried out their products, but nothing came close to what I had experienced. The textures, smells and efficacy just didn’t compare.

Determined to make this idea a reality, I met with the creator of the lotion I loved. I was both humbled and impressed by her knowledge and experience. With 30 years experience as an aroma therapist, facial rejuvenist and holding several holistic certifications, I was elated that she agreed to work with me to create an “all natural” hemp oil based skin care line.

Now that I felt confident I was working with the right person, I had to ask myself some valid and honest questions. What do I know about skin care? What do I know about starting a company? Do I have the courage and tenacity to follow this through all the way?

The answers came upon reflecting about my own personal experiences with my skin challenges and taking inventory over my work and life choices and experiences.

Unfortunately (or perhaps it was good fortune) that I am no stranger to challenging skin. I learned at 13 my skin did not like existing commercial products being put on it. As a teen age girl, I started experimenting with cosmetics and thus began my trial and error education. I was either allergic or sensitive to everything. Rashes were the worst, patches of red scaly skin on my face and neck made me self-conscious. In an effort to hide them I put even more “stuff” on my skin…foundations and concealers that made it even worse. Trips to the doctor produced cortisone prescriptions and the advice not to wear makeup and only wash with soap and water.  I probably don’t need to explain what trying to find the right soap produced!

So went the struggle for a number of years until I developed adult onset cystic acne. Now I was receiving injections in my face to help heal the cysts and prevent scarring. Next step was Accutane, which worked, but not without side effects. My lips peeled twice a day for months and I had patches of dry skin always flaking off, not to mention the regular liver testing and depression that often accompanies the treatment. While it was a success, the side effect of hyperpigmentation followed, which I treated with bleaching creams and Retin A.  A vicious cycle until three years ago.

For the past three years I’ve been using my products exclusively and as a result have never had healthier, more vibrant skin.  It’s my sincere desire to share this beautiful skin care line with the world in the hope that others will experience the benefits I have!